MaxFit & Sports now has SIX 70 foot Tunnels for Pitching & Hitting. Whether you're a dad hoping to help his kid, an instructor who needs space on those rainy, cold days, or an aspired young athlete looking to gain more reps after school, we have the space for YOU.
Does your team need a whole infield to practice? We have you covered -- get the most out of your practice by combining and subdividing the tunnels to your needs.

If your son or daughter can't get enough of Softball or Baseball, they might be interested in taking private lessons. The instructors at MaxFit & Sports are always happy to provide extra lessons for any of our athletes. Whether your child needs individualized attention or just wants to improve their skill set, private lessons can be immensely helpful. You'll be amazed to watch your child transform as a player over the course of lessons-building their confidence on and off the field.