Hybrid Athletic Training focuses on getting athletes of all ages and of all sports to compete at their highest ability. We focus on the needs of the athlete during each season (pre, post, and in-season). Fitness programs will be based off of sport, season, and current athletic level. Training consists of strength workouts in Maxfit & Sports HIIT Studio along with speed and agility routines on Maxfits' new indoor turf. We implement sports specific workouts to elevate concentration and athletic function. Private, small group, and team sessions are available.

Soccer Training also available / Passing / Dribbling / Finishing / Defending and more

The instructors are always happy to provide extra lessons for any of our athletes. Whether your child needs individualized attention or just wants to improve their skill set, private lessons can be immensely helpful. You'll be amazed to watch your child transform as a player over the course of lessons-building their confidence on and off the field or court.